UHF industrial gate and multi-antenna readers

Sample of multi-antenna readers by STid Industry

STid offers an innovative range of RFID UHF multi-antenna and/or portal readers for industrial tracking and logistics applications. Those high-performance readers meet the needs of a broad range of applications: asset management, track and trace of RFID-tagged crates, pallets, rolls, containers and items in real-time.

Our products

SPECTRE - Long-distance scalable UHF multi-antenna readers

Designed for the most demanding industrial and logistical traceability applications. The SPECTRE RFID reader meets the needs for the identification and the tracking of industrial assets in the most...

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GAT - UHF upgradable industrial gate readers

Securely track and trace your objects in real time! STid has developed an innovative range of UHF readers and passive tags for industrial tracking and logistics applications.The high-performance...

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URD - UHF multi-antenna readers - Up to 4 external antennas

STid presents the first UHF EPC1 Gen2 modular reader (ISO18000-63), combining high performances and ease of use. It has been specially designed for a wide range of object identification...

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URC2 - UHF upgradable long range industrial readers - 1 or 2 antenna

STid presents the UHF EPC1 Gen2 modular reader (ISO18000-63), combining high performances and simplicity. It is specially well designed for a wide quantity of long range asset identification and...

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ATX4 - UHF ATEX & IECEx certified readers - Up to 4 external antenna(s)

The ATX4 UHF is a powerful multi-antennas ATEX & IECEx certified reader (up to 4 external antennas), especially suited for tracking critical items in hazardous environments, which require...

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