ULTRYS - UHF EPC1 Gen2 programming kits

ULTRYS - UHF EPC1 Gen2 programming kits

A must-have tool for all your UHF contactless identification applications!

The ULTRYS kit has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use for programming all your UHF readers and user cards. STid is your partner for contactless identification applications, guaranteeing you full control over your equipment with the ULTRYS EPC1 Gen2 UHF programming kit.

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UHF programming in an easy way

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Complete and independent management of your UHF access control system

ULTRYS programming software has been developed to give you independence in configuring your STid UHF equipment.

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Creation of reader configuration cards

ULTRYS programming software enables to create configuration cards to define the parameters of your UHF reader: communication protocols, time out options, number of antennas (URD multi-antenna reader / URC2 2 antenna reader).


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Creation of user cards

ULTRYS can also be used to create user cards. This function is password-protected and several levels of access rights are provided in the software. ULTRYS is flexible, with the option to import existing lists and generate multiple programming formats.


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User-friendly interface

ULTRYS UHF programming software is intuitive and quick to learn, practical and easy to use. The software and its interface have been designed to make it quick and easy to create both user cards and configuration cards for readers.

Equipment included in the kit


  • Desktop reader / encoder: STR UHF - USB interface compatible ETSI 866 MHz (Europe), FCC Part 15 915 MHz (USA), Morocco, Australia and New Zealand.
  • LUHF encoding software - LOGULTRYS
  • USB connection cable
  • 2 ISO UHF EPC1 Gen2 cards
  • 2 Hybrid dual-frequency UHF EPC1 Gen2 cards

Ultrys materiel inclus

Part numbers

ETSI (Europe) version:


FCC (USA) version:


Morocco version:


Australia version:


New Zealand version:


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