Industries have been modernized and have witnessed strong development by focusing on key issues such as productivity, efficiency and security.

With over 20 years' experience in high-security access control applications, STid provides the most sensitive industries with solutions to protect people, assets and data through secure identification and access control.

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Aerospace applications

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Oil & Gas applications

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Healthcare applications

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Icon for aerospace industry's security applications

Security applications 
in the aerospace industry

Access control to sensitive areas

With strategic activities and prototypes designed under trade secret, access and data security are essential to the aerospace industry.
STid offers manufacturers in this industry the most sophisticated range of access control readers on the market.

The Architect® range is modular and adapts to frequent security upgrades at various aerospace sites.



Architect products for the security

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Security applications 
in the Oil & Gas industry

Access control in explosive environments (ATEX)

ATEX sites are among the most sensitive (targets of hostage takings and terrorist attacks).

These sites need to be made secure in order to protect staff, equipment, infrastructure and data.
STid is specialized in ATEX-certified high-security access control solutions.

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Icon for healthcare industry's security applications

Security applications 
in the healthcare industry

Access control for healthcare staff

Hospital environments generate important flows of people (patients, visitors, staff, etc.). Pharmaceutical laboratories use sensitive and confidential technologies, assets and processes. It is therefore essential to secure healthcare facilities and manage access rights.
STid offers a complete range of identification solutions that are compatible with CPS3 health cards to provide secure access control to sensitive or restricted areas (operating rooms, dispensaries, laboratories, etc.).
We protect your staff and access to your equipment, assets and trade secrets in the face of attempted intrusion.

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Icon the identification of security application in the healthcare industry

Identification applications 
in the healthcare industry

Identification to track and locate patients

STid products provide a solution for monitoring, security and protection of dependent individuals in medical establishments, retirement homes, long-term care units and nursing homes.

Our solutions supplement systems to prevent patients from getting lost or leaving the facility on their own. A number of tag solutions are available for this kind of application (laundry tags in patient clothing, lanyards, bracelets, etc.).

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