Software kits

Example of software kit by STid Industry

STid offers a wide range of software kits, combining user-friendliness and simplicity, in order to encode your RFID tags, configure your UHF readers or enroll the ID number in any application.

Our products

DEVKIT UHF - UHF SSCP development kits

The DEVKIT UHF allows to explore the main STid’s UHF read-write reader features. This development kit includes SSCP libraries and DLL for Windows, the SESPRO UHF software, the ARC UHF reader and UHF...

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SWEDGE UHF - UHF credential enrollment kits

The ideal UHF ID enrollment tool for use with all your applications! The SWEDGE enrollment kits allow you to enroll the serial number of the identifiers in all your applications. With an ergonomic...

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