With over 20 years’ experience as an RFID manufacturer, we have developed strong expertise in comprehensive project management.

We tailor our solutions to all your problems by meeting the technological challenges associated with your applications and environmental constraints.

We have developed industrial project management that integrates:


Picto Quality

A quality assurance

a company-wide quality assurance process incorporated into each step of the product life cycle.

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Ergonomie O

A global engineering

a comprehensive engineering process.

Picture representing project management at STid Industry

Certified quality process

In addition to a quality insurance incorporated into every level of the STid, we implemented a industrial engineering process dedicated to overall project management.


Picture of the certified quality process

Audit phase

  • Assessment of existing systems and opportunities (RAMS process with functional assessments of risks, reliability, etc.)


Creative phase

  • Recommendation of technologies and technical solutions, with financial (ROI), organizational, human and technical impact assessments (standards, certifications)


Project Management phase (Project owner, Project manager)

  • Specifications drafting, project planning/scheduling, resource management


Design phase

  • Architecture design
  • Electronic, electrical and equipment design
  • Production
  • Firmware development


Qualification phase

  • Quality control
  • In-house and laboratory testing
  • Onsite testing


Intégration phase

  • Implementation of the solution


Support phase

  • Technical and operational training
  • Change management support
  • Follow-up and support