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Players in the automotive sector (parts manufacturers, suppliers and dealerships, etc.) need to constantly optimize their production and supply chain processes to improve their ROI.

ERP systems manage all activities in the automotive industry, making data a key part of any growth and development strategy.

STid’s comprehensive solutions for real-time and life-time data flow management applications are helping the entire sector to collect and use increasingly exhaustive and reliable data in order to optimize their activities.

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Automotive two key priorities

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Optimizing production line safety and reliability

Standards compliance (ISO16949, EAQF94, VDA 6.1, AVSQ, QS 9000, GALIA, ODETTE, etc.), user safety, etc.

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Optimizing costs and increasing productivity

  • Management of production goods in process and stocks
  • optimization of inventories
  • Elimination of manual operations and reduction of human involvement
  • Monitoring, control and management of equipment service life
  • Optimization of procurement and shipment reliability
  • Tracking of finished products to their final destination (national or international)


STid uses its expertise in this sector to review the various stages of the automobile supply chain and identify various tools for efficiently meeting these requirements.

Integrating RFID and IoT technologies into the automobile supply chain

RFID and IoT technologies provide to logisticians all the applications they need to meet the challenge of the Supply Chain optimization

  • Management of logistics flows in the automotive industry

    Scheme of logistic management flows
  • Improvements observed by integrating an RFID solution into automotive industry supply chain processes.

    Scheme of supply chain processes improved by RFID

Our identification and tracking solutions for the “automotive industry and vehicles” sector

STid supplies solutions based on reliable contactless identification technologies (RFID, Internet of Things) to optimize logistics, manufacturing and inventory management operations.

These comply with automobile regulations and are designed to operate in harsh environments.

Our solutions fit into current organizational processes (just-in-time, lean management, etc.), are fully compatible with our clients’ IT systems (ERP) and are specially designed for track & trace, production line monitoring and control or vehicle fleet management applications.

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Track & trace, production line monitoring and control

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Fleet management

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