Inventory operations are mandatory but are time-consuming and can generate errors when done manually.

STid RFID solutions let manufacturers incorporate automatic digitalized inventory applications into their processes to optimize their resources and eliminate human error.

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Aerospace applications

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Defense applications

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Oil & Gas applications

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Inventory applications 
in the aerospace industry

Aircraft safety equipment inventories

STid offers automatic onboard inventory solutions that let flight crews carry out quick and accurate inventories of aircraft safety equipment.

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Supervision applications 
in the Defense sector

Assets supervision, automatic inventory and weapons and equipment check-out / check-in management

STid has developed an RFID solution entirely dedicated to armory management. Be-Weapon lets various armed forces:

  • Automatically manage weapons and equipment inventories,
  • save time checking weapons and equipment in and out,
  • have exact real-time visibility of armory inventories,
  • secure equipment flows,
  • quickly provide government authorities with legal documents (record of equipment inventories, etc.).

This solution is already used by several special forces units and the Marseille Police Force.

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This solution is also suitable for managing stock or store inventories and flows for:

  • firefighter and ambulance safety equipment,
  • tools in large manufacturing workshops.

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Inventory applications 
in the Oil & Gas Industry

Automated inventories

Preventing accidents requires knowing where equipment, hardware and tools are at all times.

RFID technologies improve the daily management of inventories by eliminating time-consuming manual inventories that can generate errors and foreign material-related risks.

These solutions are used to automate inventories, providing real-time visibility of assets and accurate information. When connected to a system, they can generate alerts (validity date, stock shortages, etc.), produce reports, export key data, etc.

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