BE.TOOLS is a hardware and software solution specially developed to secure and simplify the management of tools and equipment in industrial environments (manufacturing plants and shops, in aerospace, naval, automotive industry, etc.).

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BE.TOOLS lets you automatically and securely manage
inventories and check-in / check-out operations for
equipment and all the tools used by your teams.


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Secure your workshops

  • Electronically identify each employee handling any equipment
  • Automatically link each tool and item to the identified employee
  • Quickly produce reliable inventory and tool assignment lists
  • Stay in control of your data through several hosting options
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Easy digital transition
for your workshops

  • Made-to-measure installation and integration of the solution within your workshops, stockrooms or warehouses
  • Customized support for tool and equipment “tagging” and staff training
  • Remote access (for authorized personnel) to all management information by centralizing data locally, on your servers or in secure data centers
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Make your workshops
smart and connected

  • Improve staff performance
  • Optimize human and equipment flows on your sites
  • Improve workstation availability and operational speed
  • Reduce waiting times for equipment collection and returns
  • Eliminate stock discrepancies and tool losses

How it works ?

  • I secure my equipment and my officer in 3 steps

    Scheme of the process to secure the equipment in 3 steps with BE.TOOLS by STid Industry
  • I computerize my inventory operations

    Scheme of the process of inventory management with BE.TOOLS by STid Industry

BE.TOOLS solution

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Fixed unit

For managing equipment check-in and check-out from a fixed location in an armory.

Under some configurations, two fixed units can be incorporated (one for equipment check-out and another for equipment return) at two different locations in the armory.

  • Touchscreen computer
  • Fixed UHF reader
  • RFID card authentication reader
   Picture of the mobile kit of BE.TOOLS by STid Industry

Mobile unit

For mobile management of equipment check-in and check-out within an armory.

The mobile unit can also be used for carrying out occasional inventory operations in armories.

  • Touchscreen tablet
  • Portable UHF reader
   Picture of the tag range of BE.TOOLS by STid Industry

Tag range

Each equipment item must be identified with a UHF tag specially developed for tracking equipment within aworkshops.

These tags are small and come in different models for use on all types of equipment (screwdrivers, hammers, welders, heavy machinery, etc.).

They are designed to withstand extreme outdoor usage conditions such as high temperature variations, corrosion, etc.).

BE.TOOLS tag range: SquareTag, PuceTag, CrossTag, ThinTag, LinTRAK®

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