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The increasing need for security is encouraging governments to ramp up their protection and defense resources.

These resources require that the various police forces and army units optimize and secure staff and equipment management (e.g. which team is in the field, with what equipment, does equipment need upgrading, etc.?)

STid combines RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® and IoT technologies with its expertise in security and management solutions to offer an efficient response to the new challenges facing the Defense sector.

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Defense three key priorities

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Improve supply chain flows

(Procurement, stocks, check-in/check-out, inventories, tracking, etc.…), especially for sensitive assets such as a law enforcement weapons and equipment.


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Optimize organization security

By controlling human and equipment flows, providing clear and real-time visualization of the status and location of each piece of equipment, while securing access to this information. Armed forces are set to become increasingly mobile around the world, which makes this issue even more important.


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Increase efficiency

By speeding up response times and quickly supplying the equipment required to do the job.



20 years experience in tracking and security


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Our dual expertise (RFID high security and asset tracking applications) make STid a key Defense partner for high security access control and tracking of law enforcement weapons and equipment.

STid’s various partnerships with government and local authorities have led to RFID solutions which meet the specific needs of the sector (fully compatible with staff and CIMS cards, etc.)

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