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Hardware application solutions – Management & Tracking

Example of a management tracking tool by STid Industry

STid offers an innovative range of specific solutions and industrial hardware solutions. This range meets the specific business applications of equipment traceability and management of tools and armories. Our intelligent portal solutions are designed to facilitate the business processes of logisticians and integrators (trials and performance tests on a pilot site, prioritization of the order of loading and unloading of trucks, real-time monitoring of large quantities of cartons, bins, pallets, containers, etc.)

Our products

SPECTRE GATE – Mobile & autonomous RFID Gate

The SPECTRE GATE combines the best of RFID technology with a mobile, communicating and smart gate solution. It is designed to meet all specific needs of Industry 4.0. This connected gate automates...

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Simplify and secure your management and tracking of your tools and equipment. BE.Tools is an inventory management and tracking solution for small and large tools dedicated to industrial sectors...

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Simplify armory management and tracking of your weapons and equipment BE.Weapon is a solution for the management of armories and it enables the traceability of equipment, weapons and ammunition....

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