Be smart, be free, be sure

BE STid, be smart

Choosing STid, it is choosing innovation.


Intelligence O


Useful innovation

  • Innovation is in our DNA.
    We are constantly developing innovative value-generating ideas and creative approaches for your markets and technologies.
  • RFID market pioneer
  • Creation of an innovation department in 2015
  • Our innovative solutions are based on 4 key features:
    Reliability - Security - Performance - User-friendliness

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Smart industry

  • Upgrading your organization to Industry 4.0
  • Involving your employees in your technological transition policy
  • Integrating IoT into your industry and helping you make the change
  • Offering upgradeable solutions to anticipate your future needs

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Making technology intuitive

  • Developing intuitive user-friendly solutions
  • Making things easy for users
  • Helping your employees accept the transition to new processes

BE STid, be sure

Choosing STid, it is choosing security.


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France's leading certified RFID manufacturer for critical markets

  • Aeronautics: Compliant ATA Spec 2000, SAE AS5678, RTCA DO-160, SPX 902 A 002 E01 etc.
  • Automotive: Compliant ISO16949, EAQF94, VDA 6.1, AVSQ, QS 9000, GALIA, ODETTE etc.
  • Defense / Military: Compliant CSPN de l'ANSSI
  • Energy / Oil & Gas: Certified ATEX & IECEx and compliant 99/92/CE and 94/9/CE
  • Rail transport: Compliant IEC standards
  • Healthcare: Compliant DASRI standards and compatible health CPS3 cards

Security orange

Security & Integrity

Ensuring security, integrity, durability and data access

  • Data security in terms of authenticity and confidentiality
  • Use of public algorithms that comply with French general security standards (RGS)
  • Secure software and embedded software design and development
  • Protection of data against cloning
  • Physical protection (Irontag® range - resistant to extreme environments)
  • Extensive data storage

label orangeQuality & Process

ISO 9001-2008 Certification

  • Quality process incorporated into every level of the company and all stages in the life of product
  • Industrial engineering process
    See the process

BE STid, be free

Choosing STid, it is choosing independence and autonomy.


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Open technologies

Open technology

  • Available IoT and M2M technologies: RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS (Lora, Sigfox, ThingWorx, etc.)
  • Use of RFID standards: ISO 14443-A / ISO 14443-B / ISO 18000-63, EPC / GEN 2
  • Use of secure communication protocols: SSCP, LLRP
  • Broad range of interfaces: Profibus/profinet, CAN, TCPIP, RS232 and 485 series, USB, ethernet, etc.
  • Products designed in compliance with CENELEC, ETSI, FCC, CE, ANRT standards
  • Use of cryptography standards

Autonomie O


Choose the freedom

  • Our solutions and products are designed to provide you with all the freedom you need
  • You get to stay in control of the management and security of your Supply Chain

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Readers & identification tags

Custom readers and identification tags

  • Miniaturization, OEM, adaptation for conveyor systems, etc.
  • Customized software (IDE, RTOS and OS) and graphics (DTP)
  • Expertise in reader (plastics, metalwork, etc.)  and identification tag materials (metal, paper, silicone, etc.)

Customized standard tags

  • Graphic customization (logos, references, serial no., barcodes, QR codes, etc.)
  • Personalized coding