Logistics operators, general managers and stock managers, need a precise real-time view of the location of their assets and stocks.

Assets flows (e.g. tools, equipment, goods) are some of the most complex to manage.

STid offers manufacturers comprehensive solutions for managing flows, incoming and outgoing stock, inventory operations and 2D/3D assets visibility (mapping, geolocation).

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Defense applications

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Healthcare applications

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Oil & Gas applications

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Supervision applications 
in the Defense sector

Assets supervision, automatic inventory and weapons and equipment check-out / check-in management

STid has developed an RFID solution entirely dedicated to armory management. Be-Weapon lets various armed forces:

  • automatically manage weapons and equipment inventories,
  • save time checking weapons and equipment in and out,
  • have exact real-time visibility of armory inventories,
  • secure equipment flows,
  • quickly provide government authorities with legal documents (record of equipment inventories, etc.).

This solution is already used by several special forces units and the Marseille Police Force.

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This solution is also suitable for managing stock or store inventories and flows for:

  • firefighter and ambulance safety equipment,
  • tools in large manufacturing workshops.

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Tracking applications 
in the healthcare industry

Equipment, product and container tracking and location

In the hospital environment, it is crucial that patients be provided with the utmost care and that professionals be able to respond quickly to emergency situations. Equipment and suitable medical devices therefore need to be accessible and available exactly when and where healthcare professionals need them.

STid offers RFID technology-based solutions to identify equipment, products and containers in the right place at the right time. These objects are each identified with an RFID tag containing various information :

  • History
  • Status (under repair, maintenance, out of service, expiry date, etc.)

These time-saving solutions increase efficiency and improve safety and patient care.

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Supervision applications 
in the Oil & Gas industry

Flow management and tracking on ATEX sites

STid has developed an RFID flow management solution for high-value assets, including pipelines, tools, containers, forklifts, etc.

ATEX & IECEx-certified readers are installed in strategic areas of the site and identify the passive RFID tags affixed to the assets to be tracked.

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