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Your tools warehouse 4.0

BE.TOOLS BE.Tools is an inventory management and tracking solution for small and large tools dedicated to industrial sectors (factory, maintenance and production workshop, etc.).

BE.TOOLS simplifies and secures your tools and equipment park.

BE.TOOLS consists of a monitoring application that is combined with an RFID system (passive RFID readers and tags).



Simplify the management of your armory

BE.TOOLS tells you at any time WHERE your equipment is and WHO is carrying it.

If your equipment is not in the armory, you know WHY and for HOW LONG

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BE.TOOLS benefits


Picto secure

Secure and reliable traceability of tools and equipment

  • FOD reduction (Foreign Object Debris/Damage)
  • Optimized management of material and assets flow within workshops
  • Reduction of robbery and loss tools or equipment thanks to the alerts and notifications of non-return of equipment
  • Control of the rights and authorization of each operator

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Elimination of inventory discrepancies

  • Real-time visualization of the status of tools, equipment, PPE and consumables (movement history, etc.)
  • Simplified management of hardware maintenance => Industrial work accident reduction
  • Enables real time inventories with cross-referencing of administrative stock data

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  • Simplification of all business procedures
  • Automation of inventory and material movement records
  • Ensures of the eco-responsibility of organizations

Picto acceleration

Increase by 50% the speed of collection/return operationsl

  • Simple and fast management of collection/return operations for tools and equipment
  • Increased performance of operators
  • Shortens the time it takes operators to become operational on site

Picto reglementation

100% compliance with current regulations

  • General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

Main features


  • Supervision of issuing and returning of items
  • Inventory management
  • Real time inventory management status reports
  • Management of users, zones, and containers
  • Management of authorizations / clearances / training
  • Email / SMS notification if equipment is not returned, booking, ammunition stock shortage, etc.


  • Consultation of the technical information for each device
  • Possibility of storing remarks about equipment (at each entry or exit of stock)
  • Generation of regulatory records (allocation and inventory)
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Suitable for all sizes of armories
  • Supports multi-site architectures

Benefits of a 100% passive UHF RFID solution

Bulk identification

RFID technology allows the identification of equipment without physical or even visual contact. Unlike barcode identification, RFID makes inventory operations possible in a matter of seconds.

Long range identification

Unlike proximity RFID (low or high frequency), UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology identifies equipment up to several meters away. These reading performances make mobile inventories of the entire armory possible and make material collection/retrieval operations more fluid.

Best size to performance ratio

Passive RFID is the only technology that allows the design of "mini tags" specially adapted to be integrated, on or inside, weapons and intervention equipment. Unlike active technology, a passive tag does not need to be powered: it is then more economical, and its life span is virtually unlimited.





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Hardware & software ecosystem


BE.TOOLS consists of a complete range of UHF tags to identify weapons and equipment, to be used with a fixed and mobile RFID unit.

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High security data storage

Our policies for product development and data storage are based on open technology standards and public cryptography standards:  allowing all our products and solutions to comply with international and European security requirements (Security VISA issued by the French National Cybersecurity Agency ANSSI, RGPD compliance etc.)

To ensure interoperability and compatibility with legacy systems, our solutions offer several secure hosting options, which can be matched to your network architecture, your corporate security policies and the applicable legislation in your region.



* In the case of data hosted on the local servers of our customers or their own hosts, we guarantee the integrity of the security exclusively on the entire communication chain for which we are responsible.

Services & support

La solution BE.TOOLS solution is accompanied by a package of services ranging from field studies to training to allow you complete autonomy.

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BE.TOOLS video

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