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Securing and facilitating the supervision
of industrial flows and processes

STid is a leading developer of industrial traceability solutions in extreme environments, reinventing process management by transforming your goods into smart, communicating objects throughout the whole supply chain.

We help the most demanding industries improve their security and manage their ROI through contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth®) and smart (Internet of Things – IoT, Machine-to-Machine – M2M) identification solutions.

With growing needs for secure solutions and complex industrial processes, we help you identify, authenticate, supervise and optimize data and asset-flow management in real time.
Our experience in end-to-end project management and our constant quest for excellence give us a head-start in understanding the tough requirements of aeronautical, energy, defense or other industries.

As a developer of RFID solutions for over 20 years, our innovation helps you:

  • Secure the supply chain
  • Track incoming and outgoing flows
  • Manage and optimize inventory levels
  • Optimize maintenance and repair operations (MRO)

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