Marseille Police Force selected STid for weapons management and security


Like all armed forces, police forces are faced with major problems related to equipment and weapons management  

Two observations were made:

  •          Since 2012, Municipal Police Force staff numbers have almost doubled, leading to an increase in the amount of equipment to manage and the flow of officers in the armories.
  •         Inventories and equipment check-in/check-out was managed and tracked on paper by hand

Working from there, a solution needed to be developed to optimize equipment and human flows within the city's armories


Client problem:

Rationalize, optimize and secure the management of law enforcement weapons and equipment for the Marseille Municipal Police Force.


The challenge: Offer a solution for tracking and keeping an accurate inventory of weapons and equipment being checked in and out, that can:

  •          Function in a restricted metal environment
  •          Provide a real benefit for the user (in terms of user-friendliness, easy management, man-hours, etc.) in order to facilitate a transition that law enforcement officers accept and support

Our solution: BeWeapon, specially developed to address the problems faced by all armed forces and particularly the Marseille Municipal Police Force

The solution includes:

  •           Architect® High-Security HF access control readers       
  •       For secure officer identification
  •          UHF Readers
  •       For encoding tags and identifying equipment
  •           A touchscreen with specific embedded management software
  •        For managing equipment check-out/check-in and related actions
  •           Range of non-metal and metal tags
  •       For identifying each weapon and piece of equipment

A UHF mobile terminal

For automatic inventories of armories


The process is simple, quick and effective:

Officers first use their card and PIN to identify themselves on the Architect® reader keypad

They then collect the equipment they need from the armory manager (equipment first registered in the system by scanning it with the UHF reader)

When the equipment is returned, the armory manager registers the returns by scanning all the officer's equipment with the reader

If the officer does not return all the equipment or returns someone else's equipment, an alert appears on the screen


The City of Marseille had a number of requirements:

  •           Get officers into the field quicker, by reducing the time spent in the armory
  •          Ensure a reliable inventory of equipment available, in service and undergoing maintenance
  •         Develop a secure process for equipment issue and return, to ensure that the right officer has the right equipment in the right place
  •          Provide a system to give government authorities an exact real-time record of equipment inventories
  •           Transition to a fully computerized and paperless management system


  •           Less waiting time for officers in the armory + smoother check-out/check-in operations
  •          Faster response times for getting officers into the field
  •          Precise real-time visibility of equipment inventories
  •           No discrepancies in inventory records
  •           Simplified armory management

A one-click solution for exporting official documents to government bodies

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